Secrets to Successfully Growing Vibrant Lantana in Your Garden 🌼🌿

Lantana is a colorful and low-maintenance flowering plant popular in gardens due to its bright blooms and attractiveness to pollinators.   There are many colors and growth habits to choose from.  They can be grown in containers to provide season-long color wherever you want it! Here are some tips on how to grow lantana successfully: Sunlight:…

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Creating an Earth-Friendly Garden

Gardening is more than just a hobby – it’s an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment. By adopting eco-friendly practices in your garden, you can contribute to the conservation of natural resources, support local biodiversity, and promote a healthier ecosystem. Here are some tips to help you create an earth-friendly garden: 1….

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Camellia Variegation

Some of our favorite Camellias are variegated.  From blotches of white that intermingle with reds, whites, and pinks to colorful stripes, streaks or flecks, variegation makes such interesting and beautiful floral displays.  Often, variegation can also be found in the leaves. Many plants produce variegation, but none so quite profound as with Camellias. There are…

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