Waxed Camellias

Waxed Camellias

One of my very favorite parts of Camellia season is Waxing Camellias.  I attended a Waxing Demonstration over 25 years ago at Massee Lane Gardens in Fort Valley Georgia and from that moment on I was hooked!   Over the years I have waxed thousands of blooms for just about every occasion you can think of and it remains one of my most enjoyable crafts.

Waxing is an age-old practice of temporarily preserving Camellia blossoms using hot paraffin wax.  You can use your waxed camellias to decorate for a party, wedding, or just for fun! The blooms last much longer than plain cut blooms because it seals in the moisture keeping them fresh longer.  The blooms when waxed almost look like glass or porcelain and they are simply beautiful.

I hope you will try it and love it as much as we do!

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Supplies List

  • 5 1lb boxes of paraffin “Gulf Wax”
  • 1 Pint mineral oil
  • Double Boiler or Electric Wok
  • Candy Thermometer with a metal base—not glass
  • Wood or plastic spoon
  • Deep pan of ice water
  • Moss Straw or towel for draining